why would i ever buy hot chicken with property or relatively large sums of cash?

you're obviously doing more than paying for hot chicken. you're contributing towards permanently affordable housing. the chicken is just a bonus bruh, stop trippin.

where are my contributions going?

all pledges (cash and property) we receive are collected by our non profit collaborator. the property received is placed in a community land trust (clt). the cash received is used to purchase property which is placed in the clt. all pledges are applied towards creating permanently affordable housing.

what's the name about?

our name is a critique of the racialized and class implications of gentrification in nashville, with our choice of dish operating as a metaphor for the continued appropriation of Black culture (foodways) as well as labor exploitation. the insinuation of profanity in our name references the vulgarity of homogeneity: the ways in which gentrification and commodification work to erase Black histories to create sanitized simulacrum.

are my contributions (cash and property) tax deductible?